Age Groups

2014 JATC Age Groups

Youth AAU Divisions

8 & Under: born 2009 and after
9 Year Old: born 2008
10 Year Old: born 2007
11 Year Old: born 2006
12 Year Old: born 2005
13 Year Old: born 2004
14 Year Old: born 2003
15-16 Year Olds: born 2001-2002
17-18 Year Olds: born 1999-2000

Youth USATF Divisions

8 & Under: born 2009 and after
9-10 Year Olds: born 2007-2008
11-12 Year Olds: born 2005-2006
13-14 Year Olds: born 2003-2004
15-16 Year Olds: born 2001-2002
17-18 Year Olds: born 1999-2000

Open Division

If you’re age 19 to 29, you’re considered an open athlete. Whether your thing is track-and-field, long-distance running and/or race walking, we encourage you to join and train with JATC.

At USATF-sanctioned events, the open age group is the largest with a 10-year span. (Youth athletes compete in 1- or 2-year age divisions depending on the organization. Masters athletes compete in 5-year age divisions.) If you compete in road races, finishers typically are grouped and recognized using 5-year age divisions.

So if you’re in college, come run. If you’ve already graduated from college – or chose not to attend college – come run. If you’re a young parent, come run. If you’re just a working stiff, come run. There’s a spot for everyone.

Masters Division

If you’re 30 or older, you’re considered a master athlete.

But don’t let the terminology scare you. You don’t really have to know that much about running. If you’ve got two feet, a beating heart and a desire to get in shape, drop a dress size or run alongside your child, you’re encouraged to join and train with JATC.

Most commonly, masters athletes compete in road races throughout the year. USATF-sanctioned meets also are offered for masters athletes.

USATF masters age groups start at age 30 and compete in 5-year age divisions (e.g., 30-34, 35-39 and so on). Events in which masters athletes may compete include track-and-field, long-distance running and race walking.