Field Events

Field events include jumping, vaulting and throwing events. During meets, running events take precedence over field events. If an athlete is competing in both running and field events, he/she must check in and participate in the running event when called and can come back to complete his/her field event. The size and weight of equipment used in throwing events varies by gender and age.

Long Jump

In the long jump, competitors sprint down a runway and jump as far as they can from a wooden board into a sand pit.

Triple Jump

Triple jump competitors sprint down a runway and jump off a wooden board, land on their take-off foot, jump again, and then jump again into a sand pit.

High Jump

In the high jump, competitors must jump over a horizontal bar placed at measured heights without aid of any devices.

Pole Vault

Pole vaulters uses a long, flexible pole as an aid to leap over a bar placed at measured heights.


In javelin competitions, athletes attempt to throw the javelin – a spear-like instrument – the farthest distance.


Discus throwers attempt to throw the discus the farthest distance.

Shot Put

In the shot put, competitors attempt to “throw” a heavy ball the farthest distance.